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Open Call - EIC ePitching to Investors on Manufacturing: Made in the EU

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The European Innovation Council and Bpifrance are pleased to invite all eligible startups to participate in our monthly EIC ePitching with Investors. This edition will focus on manufacturing and will take place on 26 January 2021, 2 PM (CET).  A limited number of EIC-backed SMEs will have the chance to present their innovative solutions during an online event to a jury of investors – consisting of representatives from Iris CapitalNewfundBashingBall PartnersCaixa Capital RiscBTOV  and Presto Ventures (with more to follow).

Green Innovations: EIC-funded company Skeleton Technologies raised €41.3 million in equity round

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The Estonian start-up Skeleton is one of the largest European manufacturers ultracapacitor-based energy storage. The products are used to power and save energy in various applications in the automotive, transportation, grid, and renewable energy industries. The cleantech solutions have caught the attention of new industrial investors and top European entrepreneurs, and the company announced this month a €41.3 million Series D funding round, bringing its total capital raised to over €93 million. The investment is in the top five funding rounds of the cleantech sector in the EU this year and will further accelerate Skeleton's growth. 

Open Call - EIC Multi-Corporate Day on Health: Netherlands’s largest corporates open their doors for you!

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The European Innovation Council Business Acceleration Services is glad to invite you to pitch your health innovations and discover business opportunities with four large Dutch corporates. Insurance provider Achmea, telecom giant KPN, electronic multinational Philips and transport hub Schiphol are gearing up to invite and listen to Europe’s most innovative SMEs. This engaging online event takes place on 1 and 2 February 2021 (09h00 to 17h00) and is your exclusive chance to accelerate your business with Netherlands’ finest.

EIC Investor Day on the EU Green Deal: Sustainable lessons learnt

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Early 2020, the European Commission set a very ambitious growth strategy to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050, via the EU Green Deal. Recently the target for 2030 was further strengthened to 55% of greenhouse gas reduction by 2030. The EIC Accelerator is supporting the EU Green Deal via a dedicated funding call and the consequent selection of 64 Green SMEs. In addition to the funding, the EIC supports this ambitious agenda through a series of events like the EIC Greenathon and EIC Investors Day on the EU Green Deal.

Events - 2nd ePitching to Procurers on COVID-19: Bridging the gap by innovation procurement

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On 17 November 2020, 16 innovators had the chance to show their COVID-19 solutions during a dedicated ePitching session to 35 public and private procurers. The event, organised by the DG Research & Innovation People Directorate and the European Innovation Council, was a follow-up of the first EIC ePitching to Procurers on COVID-19, which took place in April this year. Read the takeaways of the event, meet the two winners, and see how to continue participating in procurement initiatives in our Community. 

Events - EIC Corporate Day with PKO Bank Polski: Let’s Fintech!

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On 17 and 18 November 2020 the European Innovation Council (EIC) touched down in Poland, albeit it virtually. Together with PKO Bank Polski, the EIC organised their first Corporate Day in the Central-European country, inviting 12 EIC-backed companies from 10 countries to pitch their Fintech-innovations to well over 70 corporate representatives.

Stories - BoneFix: A new Pathfinder project proposing a paradigm shift in fracture fixations

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The BoneFix project aims to deal with the socioeconomics cost of fractures. While this medical condition occurs relatively commonly, as it is caused by accidents such as falls, the currently used rigidity and highly invasive nature of metal fixators are not appropriate for every patient. Above all, metal fixators seem to be problematic when used on thin and fragile bones, that can be affected by conditions such as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the most common reason for broken bones among the elderly, while at the same time it can make the curing of these the fractures more complicated.

Events - EIC Investor Day on the EU Green Deal: Four EIC-innovators steal the show

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At the beginning of the year, EU unfolded the EU Green Deal, a very ambitious action plan with the target of making Europe carbon neutral by 2050. The European Innovation Council (EIC) then launched a dedicated call for Green start-ups and selected 64 ambitious projects. This funding goes hand in hand with several events related to sustainability and green innovations, including last month’s EIC Greenathon. On 10-11 November 2020 the EIC organised an Investor Day dedicated to the EU Green Deal, bringing together more than 100 active participants during the two days, out of which more than 40 investors.