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Open Call: Are you a corporate or VC looking to innovate? Join the event 'Research Meets Industry' and discover future technologies in the Energy and Environment field

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On 4th March 2021, the "Research Meets Industry" event will bring together the best European researchers and spinoffs working on future technologies in the Energy and Environment field. 14 exciting Future and Emerging Technology/EIC Pathfinder projects funded by the European Commission will present breakthrough innovations in Energy Storage and Conversion, Solar Fuel and Energy Harvesting to corporates, companies, and VCs. If you are a company or VC working in Energy, Chemistry, Battery and automotive, this is the right platform for you. Don't miss the call and register here!

Events - EIC ePitching on Agritech, Food and Beverages: sustainability and technology holding hands for a better future

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New month, new ePitching with investors. February’s session was focused on Agritech and organised in partnership with EuroQuity – BPI France. On 16th February, seven EIC-funded SMEs had the opportunity to pitch in front of a jury of investors from  Blu1877 – Barilla GroupLeadX Capital PartnersFaraday Venture PartnersMitsuiBalderton CAPITALEleven VenturesSouth Central Ventures and Five Seasons Venture. Let’s discover the winner and impressions from the session.

World Day of Social Justice: Meet 3 EIC-funded start-ups using tech for social good

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The digital economy's growth is deepening existing inequalities between countries, and the pandemic chaos is triggering a new economic crisis. Over 60 per cent of all workers lack employment contracts, and 600 million new jobs need to be created by 2030. In this context, this year's commemoration of the World Day of Social Justice supports solutions to achieve poverty eradication, the promotion of full employment and access to social well-being for all. Some European start-ups are using tech to tackle issues such as unemployment, equality, or social protection. On the World Day of Social Justice, discover how 3 EIC-funded innovations are making a social impact.  

Stories: Discover ThrustMe: The French start-up that is revolutionising space

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The space industry is looking for new ways to ensure economic and environmental space sustainability with the rise of satellite mega-constellations. A solution lies in using in-orbit propulsion, but traditional systems are not fit for the New Space paradigm.

Open Call - EIC ePitching with Investors on Cleantech and Energy with BPIfrance: Power up your next investment!

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The European Innovation Council and EuroQuity-Bpifrance are pleased to invite all eligible startups to participate in our monthly EIC ePitching with Investors. This edition will focus on Cleantech and Energy and will take place on 20 April 2021, 2 PM (CET).  A limited number of EIC-backed SMEs will have the chance to present their innovative Cleantech and Energy-related solutions during an online event to a jury of investors – consisting of representatives from Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures, Demeter, Butterfly, UVC Partners, Inventures Investment Partners, Journey Partners, Giano Ventures, Iberdrola Ventures, Contrarian Ventures and PVS investments.

EIC Winter School: The recipe for a tasty marketing experience

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Over the past three weeks, the EIC Community went back to school to learn about new social media tools and communication strategies. After the success of the EIC Summer School last year, the EIC decided to repeat the experience and open again the doors of its digital classroom. Together with Clear Europe, one of the leading media and communication training companies in Europe, the EIC prepared three distinct virtual marketing courses from 29 January till 12 February 2021. Each training gathered more than 30 EIC-funded innovators, willing to warm up their digital skills with the first Winter School.

EIC Greenhouse Gas programme: Help the European Innovation Council support you with new green business opportunities

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Since its creation in 2017 the European Innovation Council (EIC) and its community have been a catalyst for change and innovation. Hundreds and hundreds of EIC beneficiaries  joined us on this journey towards a more innovative and competitive Europe. Now the EIC is excited to offer you the opportunity to come on a new journey with us: one that can help us create new green business opportunities for you, while contributing towards Europe’s goal of becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent. 

Story: EIB backs EIC-funded company Worldsensing with 10€M to support their technology development

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The project is supported by the Investment Plan for Europe and is expected to create 50 new highly skilled jobs in the R&D sector.