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EIC-funded company ViroGates, successful clinical results with a new COVID-19 treatment

The EIC created a new Story | 3 weeks ago

With the premise that COVID-19 may be impossible to eradicate, medical researchers are trying to find treatment options that will allow us to live with the virus and treat it in the most effective way possible. ViroGates, a Danish EIC-funded company, is trialling an innovative solution that measures a patient’s blood level of suPAR to identify if there is a risk of severe respiratory failure. The trial results have recently shown a very positive outcome, with a 64% improvement in overall patient outcome from COVID-19 patients.  

News: 7 EIC-funded startups will pitch their green solutions at the e-pitching event organised by

The EIC created a new Story | 3 weeks ago will host an e-pitching event on the 20th of May and 25th of May , showcasing some of the most promising EU backed sustainability startups. Seven SMEs from the EIC Fund portfolio will have the opportunity to showcase their innovations on Day 2, attract the attention of investors, and convince them of their merits for their next financing rounds. Discover their profiles in the EIC Community and learn more about this e-pitching. 

News: Caribbean airport deploys EIC-funded solution from Vision-box

The EIC created a new Story | 3 weeks ago

In a world affected by the global coronavirus pandemic, the need for technology that doesn’t require physical touch became a must. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Vision-Box has developed a solution that allows touchless and contactless passenger processing at the borders to provide safety and security. In April, the airport of the major Caribbean vacation destination announced a new partnership with the Portuguese startup. We sat down with Elisabete Pires, Head of Innovation & Funding of Vision-Box, to discover the details of this achievement.  

Partner Call: Is your business ready to shape the future of new energies with Shell? Join the New Energy Challenge

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

Shell, Get in the Ring, Rockstart and YES!Delft are organising a competition for start-ups and scale-ups working to create innovative solutions in the renewables and energy areas. The New Energy Challenge is looking for entrepreneurs from Europe and Israel that can bring forward advanced technologies to reduce emissions and accelerate energy transition. 

EIC Coffee Break with Christian Rood: Leyden in the Jar

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

Every month, during a Coffee Break, we dive into the stories of EIC innovators and get a glimpse of the persons behind the startups and research projects. Our guest for today is Christian Rood, the co-founder and CEO of LeydenJar. LeydenJar Technologies was founded in April 2016, with the mission to offer 100% silicon anode rolls that boost the energy density of Li-ion battery cells with up to 70%. Find out more about Christian's story in this month’s EIC Coffee Break.

European Mental Health Week: Discover 4 EIC-funded innovations using technology to ensure mental wellness

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

Globally, it is estimated that one in four people  will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. Despite the growing awareness of the impact of mental health problems, COVID-19 has disrupted mental health services, and the budget for their treatments remains small in many countries. From 10 until 16 May 2021, the European Mental Health Week is putting a spotlight on mental health issues during the pandemic and beyond. Multiple entrepreneurs and researchers are also focusing on treatments and services to approach mental disorders. From plug n’ play devices to non-invasive brain stimulation tools, discover how EIC-funded innovators are revolutionising mental health treatments.

Open Call: EIC ePitching to Procurers - BME Solutions Days 2021

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

For the second time, the European Innovation Council is collaborating with the German Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) to bring another EIC ePitching to Procurers to reality. This event will allow you to introduce your services to a wide range of buyers through pitches and prescheduled B2B matchmakings. The event will occur online on 8 June.  

EIC Multi-Corporate Day: Meet with German Giants in the Digitalisation Area – A collaboration for a digital future

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

On 26 to 30 April 2021, the European Innovation Council (EIC) in collaboration with the German Giants brought together 69 EIC-beneficiaries through a digital event. This event gave them the opportunity to bridge the gap with the 10 different innovation actors from Germany (Blackprint Booster, comdirect, Commerzbank, Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub, DAK-Gesundheit, Hermes, IBM, Mediamarkt Saturn, signals (SIGNAL IDUNA) and Vodafone UPLIFT) and explore new synergies, business opportunities and further collaborations.