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Stories - M-ONE: Shifting technology for magnetic resonance imaging

The EIC created a new Story | 4 weeks ago

MRI is an important medical imaging technique providing images of anatomy and physiological processes of the human body. The technique was developed almost 50 years ago, as an alternative to classical x-ray imaging. MRI does not use ionizing radiation; instead, it uses magnetic fields and radio waves. However, the modern MRI, based on ultrahigh magnetic fields – such as 7T (7 Tesla) or higher, sometimes faces image quality challenges due to interferences of the radio-frequency field within the human brain, which makes diagnosis non-conclusive or even impossible.

Stories: EU-funded company APEPTICO develops treatment for late-stage COVID-19 patients

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

Since COVID-19 has hit the world, many drugs started being researched to treat the most severe cases of coronavirus. According to the Austrian company APEPTICO, 20% of hospitalised patients suffer from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a potentially life-threatening complication of infection with SARS-CoV-2. The company, part of the EU-funded SOLNATIDE consortium, is accelerating the development of peptide-based treatments targeting these late-stage COVID-19 patients and conducting a clinical study at the Medical University of Vienna. 

EUvsVirus Launchathon: Innovation comes in collaboration

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

On the 10&11th of December we witnessed the first EUvsVirus Launchathon, organized by a team of volunteers, with the support of the European Innovation Council. Part of the target group were the active startups that emerged from the EUvsVirus Hackathon and Matchathon (April - June 2020), but also potential partners and investors that might help these startups thrive.

EIC Investor Day: Women in Tech 2.0 – women supporting women

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

The amount of women-led companies in the European Innovation Council (EIC) portfolio has almost double since the beginning of this year. To further support the role of women-led companies within the EIC, a second EIC Investor Day: Women in Tech-event was organised on 17 and 18 December 2020. In total 19 women-led companies had the opportunity to pitch in front of more than 20 investor firms.

Coaching Corner with Aero Enterprise: Riding the winds of change

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

Often, we tell startups stories through the achievements: the disruptive innovations, the new funding rounds or international partnerships. To get there, innovators have a long journey to run, facing the challenges of an unknown market, conducting pilots and trying to find a place in the middle of the crowd. For the very first coaching corner episode, we bring  together Peter Kurt Fromme-Knoch, CEO of the Austrian company Aero Enterprise and Andreas Preuß, the business coach that followed their two EIC-funded projects.

EIC meets Berlin: the place where innovation is embedded in the city’s DNA

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

On 15 December 2020 the European Innovation Council (EIC) virtually touched down in Berlin, the final stop of this year’s new series of EIC Innovation Hub Visits. The Germany capital, more than just a cultural and artistic hub, has developed into one of Europe’s top start-up hubs, attracting founders, investors and companies from all over the world. 

EIC Coffee Break with Märt-Erik Martens, Co-founder of Gelatex: An inspiring story during the Coronavirus pandemic

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

Every month, during a Coffee Break, we dive into the stories of EIC innovators and get a glimpse of the persons behind the startups. Today's guest is Märt-Erik Martens, the co-founder and CEO of Estonian Gelatex. Märt-Erik is a skilled engineer, materials scientist and inventor of Gelatex proprietary process for nanofiber production. The company was founded in 2016 with the mission to provide an eco-friendly option to natural leather. This year, when the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, the fashion industry started slowing down, and Gelatex had to find alternatives to their 'business as usual'. In a short period, the Estonian company shifted production to high-quality filter material for face masks, tissue engineering, wound care, and cultured meat. Discover their new road to success in the Coffee Break of December.

2020 EIC Community Wrap-up: The year of digital engagement

The EIC created a new Story | 1 month ago

In March 2020, the pandemic measures turned the world upside down, obliging several businesses to reinvent themselves. Many startups had to adapt their innovations to new habits and preferences of consumers, but they stood out in the crowd in this game-changing period. The European Innovation Council followed the shifts, supporting beneficiaries also with the strength of community. Let’s look back at the peer-to-peer events, co-creation moments and networking opportunities that shaped the Business Acceleration Services and its community events in 2020.