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EIC Pathfinder Bootcamp: From Lab to Market

The EIC created a new Story | 2 weeks ago

Bringing your research to the next level and creating a valid solution can be a tough nut to crack. With the EIC Pathfinder Bootcamp the European Innovation Council offered 16 Pathfinder and Transition beneficiaries the tools and guidance they need to turn their research into a viable product and bring it to the market. 

Open Call - EIC Greenhouse Gas Programme: Ready to launch your carbon journey?

The EIC created a new Story | 3 weeks ago

Incorporating sustainability in your business case is becoming more and more a necessity to succeed and grow. When it comes to climate action, every step counts and businesses play an important role in this green journey. With the new EIC Greenhouse Gas Programme (EIC GHG), the European Innovation Council (EIC) wants to support its community of innovators to reduce and offset their carbon emissions, while creating new business opportunities. On 21 April 2021, the EIC GHG Programme will be officially launched with an event that will outline its services. European corporates, regions, industrial associations, and fellow EIC peers reducing their carbon footprint will join and share their experience. And you? Are you ready to embark on your carbon journey?

News: Snapchat acquires EIC-funded startup Fit Analytics to explore online shopping in a new way

The EIC created a new Story | 3 weeks ago

Fit Analytics, an innovative EIC-funded SME, was purchased by Snap Inc. - the owner of several worldwide technology companies, such as the famous Snapchat app. This acquisition was recently made as an attempt by Snap to enhance their business portfolio towards the e-commerce market since Fit Analytics provides a service to support online customers to pick the right clothing size.

Stories: Five EU projects join forces to develop an Environmental Intelligence system

The EIC created a new Story | 3 weeks ago

The collaboration agreement between 5 EIC Pathfinder/FET Proactive projects has been signed. Its main aim is to deliver a blueprint for a full-fledged system for environmental intelligence.

Events - EIC Procurers of Innovation Day with Jose de Mello Group

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José de Mello Group partnered up with the European Innovation Council for the EIC Procurers Day on 18 & 19 March 2021. EIC Procurers days are tailor-made and highly effective acceleration services to facilitate collaboration between large procurer departments and EIC-funded innovators. Over these two days, EIC beneficiaries had the opportunity to pitch their Mobility and Health-related innovations to the procurers José de Mello Residências e Serviços (JMRS), CUF & Brisa

Partner Call: Join the EIT Food Accelerator Network and find world-leading agrifood partners

The EIC created a new Story | 3 weeks ago

Is your business focused on creating innovative, sustainable solutions that could change the future of farming and agriculture? The EIT FAN is looking for the 60 most promising startups with pilot-ready solutions to join the 2021 EIT Food Accelerator Network. Don’t miss the opportunity and partner with world-leading corporates & research institutions from the agrifood space.

News: Are you looking for help on Intellectual Property (IP) and R&I? The European Commission launched the new “Horizon IP Scan” support service for SMEs

The EIC created a new Story | 3 weeks ago

Horizon IP Scan is a tailored, free-of-charge, first-line IP support service provided by the European Commission specifically designed to help European start-ups and other SMEs involved in EU-funded collaborative research projects to efficiently manage and valorise IP in collaborative R&I efforts. The service is open to European start-ups and SMEs (according to the EC’s definition) that are about to sign a Horizon (2020/Europe) Grant Agreement or have recently signed one (up to six months after signature). Discover how to apply!

World Water Day: Discover how EIC-funded companies are valuing water

The EIC created a new Story | 4 weeks ago

It is expected that water will be a central natural resource in the coming years, being used as an energy generator and a source of general prosperity and well-being. However, at the same time, the global water systems are being threatened by various factors, such as great water demand for agriculture and industry, massive pollution, a growing population and the concerning climate change consequences. This year’s World Water Day, celebrated on the 22nd March, raises an important question: “What does water mean to you?”, framed within the theme of valuing water. To understand how the EIC-funded innovators are working to value water, we share, in this article, three pioneering projects that provide solutions to address the global water crisis.