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Meet the EIC Innovators: 30 Seconds with Rainmaker

The EIC created a new Story | 28 November 2019

Scaling a company further is unforeseen on solving a number of challenges – most of those being common across all organizations out there. 96 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from 20 countries gathered to share their experiences during the EIC Accelerator Welcome Day. Some of them lost the fear of the camera and, during a small interview, shared with us their innovative approach, as well as current challenges they are facing in the industry. Here is our video with Rainmaker


Expand your network with EIC Business Acceleration Services!

The EIC created a new Story | 26 November 2019

In the next months, the EIC pilot beneficiaries will have the opportunity to pitch their top-class innovations and business proposals to top investors and c-level managers of large businesses. Discover what’s coming up and stay tuned for more events to come!

Stories: Ecop-Technologies is building a greener future

The EIC created a new Story | 25 November 2019

The EIC-funded company was one of the seven winners of the 2018-2019 European Business Awards for the Environment, the scheme that rewards the businesses that are making the most outstanding contribution to sustainable development through eco-innovation. The start-up headquartered in Vienna received the Business Process Award for its R&D and manufacturing of an innovative Rotation Heat Pump that is particularly suitable for large-scale industrial use.

Events: The EIC pilot and OTP Bank embrace new approaches within the banking sector

The EIC created a new Story | 21 November 2019

A hand-picked number of European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot pioneers was selected to present their innovations to c-level managers of OTP Bank in Budapest, Hungary, one of the biggest banks in Europe. The EIC Corporate Day, a specially designed service to increase the possibilities to accelerate SME’s businesses, focused on new technologies and solutions for the banking sector.

News: Meet the 10 EIC finalists who will pitch at the European Venture Contest

The EIC created a new Story | 21 November 2019

The EIC pilot has partnered with TechTour for five exclusive online pitching sessions on Healthtech, Digital Technologies and CleanTech between 11-13th November. 40 companies funded by the EIC Pilot participated in the TechTour ePitch, but only 10 winners were selected. The finalists will try to come out on top at the European Venture Contest in Essen, on the 9-10 December.

Stories: EIC-funded company Worldcoo closes €565k funding round led by Equity4Good

The EIC created a new Story | 20 November 2019

Worldcoo is a Barcelona-based social enterprise aimed at funding NGO projects through different fundraising solutions. The company has announced the new round of financing led by Equity4Good, an investment vehicle managed by Ship2B, with the co-investment of the European Investment Fund, of €565,000. Part of the disbursement of this round, which also includes the IFEM and other private investors, is subject to the fulfilment of objectives, set by the organizations, in the coming months. 

News: 287 innovators selected for funding under EIC’s SME Instrument Phase 1

The EIC created a new Story | 19 November 2019

A total of 287 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) form 31 countries have been selected for funding under the last round of the EIC SME Instrument, in the so-called Phase 1 of the programme, now known as the EIC Accelerator. The companies will receive a total amount of €14.15 million to share between their projects to get their innovations faster on the market.

Stories: Dawex is paving the path toward success in data economy

The EIC created a new Story | 19 November 2019

The French start-up is a leading data exchange technology company and the operator of the largest data marketplace. After having won a call for tender organised by the Ile-de-France Region and raised €5 million through a funding round announced in May, the company is aiming to establish its presence in the Middle East in 2020.