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Meet the EIC Innovators: 30 Seconds with Restored Hearing

The EIC created a new Story | 31 October 2019

Scaling a company further is unforeseen on solving a number of challenges – most of those being common across all organizations out there. 96 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from 20 countries gathered to share their experiences during the EIC Accelerator Welcome Day. Some of them lost the fear of the camera and, during a small interview, shared with us their innovative approach, as well as current challenges they are facing in the industry. Are you curious? Here is our first video with Restored Hearing.  


News: Make your work visible - communication tips for EIC projects

The EIC created a new Story | 31 October 2019

Take a look at some of EASME's tips on how to make the most out of your communication. Have some additional tips? Please share them below!

Stories: 2 EU-funded SMEs chosen among the Best Agtech startups in Europe

The EIC created a new Story | 31 October 2019

The blog Valuer has curated a list of the top European AgTech startups utilizing data to ensure the future of food production is in the safety of technologically equipped growers hands. This selection includes the EU-funded companies Connecterra and Pollenity and presents SMEs that are reimagining the future of food production.  

Stories: Seeking investments? Join ScaleUp EU

The EIC created a new Story | 30 October 2019

ScaleUp EU plays matchmaker between businesses and investors in Europe based on their profiles. The EIC smart matching solution is a major part of the EIC Community, and you can have access to ScaleUp EU via the Community if you click on the menu option ‘Find investors’. Watch the video to find out more!

Stories: 6th CEE Procurement & Supply Forum brought opportunities to help SMEs grow in the automotive sector

The EIC created a new Story | 29 October 2019

The event organized by the German Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) offers a unique platform to enable discussions between procurement professionals and SMEs at the highest level. The 6th CEE Procurement & Supply Forum brought together industry purchasers and suppliers from the automotive, machinery, plant engineering sector and its partners from the CEE markets, including the EIC funded company Schrott24


Stories: Israeli biotech EggXYt wins start-up prize in Tel Aviv

The EIC created a new Story | 28 October 2019

Saving billions of male chicks from disappearance each year turned out to be a hot topic at Agrivest 2019 in Tel Aviv. EggXYt has developed technology that can detect their gender before hatching, saving the egg industry nearly $2 billion per year. This solution is answering to the demands of conscious egg consumers and won the Best Israeli Agtech Company Competition.  

Stories: Noraker wins business award in France

The EIC created a new Story | 25 October 2019

The “PME RMC Trophies” is the first competition in France dedicated to SMEs. Last May, RMC Radio launched the 10th edition of the conquest and, for several months, has put local companies in competition. This year the event registered a record with more than 1300 applications, but only 7 SMEs were winners. The company Noraker, specialized in innovative biomaterials-based implants, took home the award export and won the national prize of “RMC SME Trophies” in the respective category. 

Open call: Explore new opportunities for innovation partnering with Galp!

The EIC created a new Story | 23 October 2019

The European Innovation Council pilot Business Acceleration Services and Galp invite you to apply for joint EIC Corporate Day, a specially designed service to increase the possibilities to accelerate your business collaborating with Galp, an integrated energy company that operates in the global energy market. Applications are open until 10 November 2019.