The European Innovation Council invites you to pitch your company and discover business opportunities with one of the largest fast-moving consumer goods companies in the world: Anheuser-Busch InBev. Meet with top ABInBev’s decision makers and experts and network with like-minded innovators in this engaging, exclusive event designed to accelerate your business.


Deadline for applications: 5 January 2020.

Apply here and do not miss this chance to connect your business with top ABInBev representatives.


Pitch your company to ABInBev

On 19 and 20 of February 2020, a limited hand-picked number of EIC-funded SMEs will have the opportunity to pitch and present their innovative solutions and to engage in One-to-One Business meetings with AbInBev representatives.


The event is open to all innovative approaches to:


1. Innovation of the Future

  • Fast and Flexible prototyping
  • Automation and robotics
  • Control towers/rooms and remote supervision and control of operations
  • IIoT (smart sensors / beacons, Edge computing, background for predictive maintenance, etc.
  • Workforce 2.0 – mobile technologies and mobile applications for business processes and knowledge / training management in the industrial environment, digital data repositories and training tools, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Virtual Reality in a learning environment.
  • Shared logistics – how can companies share transport, warehousing space etc…? Collaboration platforms that take into account transport of several companies and can match them up to create round trips and optimize logistics costs.
  • Asset tracking (kegs, pallets, etc.)
  • Blockchain and its application in Logistics processes
  • Advanced analytics applications and data accuracy – how to ensure correct data, how the other companies ensure good data quality, how can we use new technology to facilitate this process
  • Touchless order to delivery chain - automation of order intake
  • Chatbots for unplanned next tasks in the warehouse – sharing & explanation
  • Value of drones in supply chain processes (WH inventory counting, equipment inspections, etc.)
  • Optimize handling of mixed pallets


2. Sustainability

- Circular economy

- Valorization of Value Chain by products:

  • Brewer Spent Grain
  • Brewers Spent Yeast
  • CO2 from Fermentations
  • Excess Heat from Brewing Processes
  • Pack Material
  • Filter Aids (Kiesselguhr)
  • Trub (High Ployphenols)
  • Alternative Raw materials/fibers for Carton/Paper (From Agricultural Brew Raw Material Streams)

-Carbon emission reduction

- Brewing Process Optimization

- Smart Utilities

- Use of alternative fuel sources for boilers

  • Plastic Free Alternatives

- Wraps

- Crates

- Rings

- Liners

  • Novel Protein Production

- Plant Based (Ideally from Brewing Raw Materials)

- Proteins through Fermentation


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