The European Innovation Council Business Acceleration Services and CaixaBank Payments & Consumer invite you to apply for our joint EIC Corporate Day (2-3 December 2020), a specially designed service to accelerate your business collaborating with one of the largest financial service providers in Spain.


CaixaBank Payments & Consumer, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CaixaBank, is Spain's leading company in consumer financing and payment methods, following the alliance between CaixaBank Payments, CaixaBank Consumer Finance, PromoCaixa and 20 further subsidiaries.

The company manages outstanding credit of around EUR 8.7 billion and is the leading company in terms of card payments, with a total of 17.8 million cards issued and market shares of 23.8% in purchasing turnover and 27.1% in turnover via POS terminals in stores.


For those EIC-beneficiaries selected to attend on 2 and 3 December 2020, this  exclusive service will include specific training, pitching, pre-arranged meetings with top decision-makers from Caixabank Payments & Consumer and the possibility to network with high-level partners and like-minded innovators in a dedicated online event. After the event, a selected few SMEs will be invited for an in-depth EIC Corporate Day within Caixabank’s HQ, taking place in February/March 2021 (tbd). 


Applications are open until 15 October 2020.


Who can apply?

The event is open for all EIC funded SMEs working on innovative and disruptive approaches for:


  • Mobile Apps & Web Portals: New mobile and web-based solutions make payments and transfers easier. We need to protect our systems from vulnerabilities that banks will need to address.
  • 3rd party services: monitoring & control of third parties services and their cybersecurity practices.
  • Technical debt: Consider potential strategies for protecting the aging technology and choosing potential candidates for innovation. Protect the legacy systems & building security into the digital transformation.
  • IoT: smart connected devices present a range of new risks.


Mobility: There is a new mobility ecosystem where we have to adapt. 

  • Solutions related to urban mobility, new renting services, data, etc 
  • Payments solutions in mobility: urban mobility (i.e. integration of payments in public transport) and toll roads;
  • Payments solutions around mobility (pay with biometrics, friction-less payments, financial solutions a fleet of new mobility solutions)


AI for 

  • Fraud prevention: As AI technologies improve and become more commonplace, they will enable in-depth behavioural monitoring and individual profiling of customers across their locations, devices, and authentication methods. (Access to alternative data)
  • Scoring of People & SMEs: in order to facilitate onboarding as  customers of the Bank and Platforms for Rating validation
  • Alternative data sources for risk scoring/ third party data id validation as alternative solutions for fraud prevention (digital onboarding);
  • Automation: RPA, Natural language solutions, Chatbots, etc that help us to improve our operations efficiency. 


Big data based solutions that help us to offer the latest technology to Retail, Bars, Tourism, Beauty&Wellness and SMEs. 


Loyalty: Platforms that allow the group to create a loyalty HUB (white label platform) to offer loyalty programs for: 

  • Our individual clients. We offer directly different rewards from the bank or 3rd parties. 
  • Our corporate clients, giving them the opportunity to access to our loyalty program and offer to their clients our rewards system. 


Digital identity: Technology that help the sector to improve banking processes such as:

  • Consumer finance credits (KYC, AML, etc)
  • Digital signature
  • Etc


Financing methods: Focus in consumer finance operations in the point of sale or ecommerce. (New business models, scoring, identifications, multi-lending, etc)


API technology: 

  • A platform that helps the bank to launch new products quicker through connections with 3rd parties. 
  • Creation of an environment (Sandbox) where 3rd parties or ourselves can test our products/APIs. 


Request 2 pay: Digital platforms that address the entire invoice-to-cash process: billing, customer, alerts of payment obligation (dunning), offering different means of payment (cards, transfers, etc.) and accounting reconciliation.  


Cloud computing: Accessing the cloud can increase our ability to innovate “by enhancing agility, efficiency and productivity”. 


COVID-19 Technology: The pandemic has carried out new business models & new technologies that help companies & people to afford better the economic situation. We are looking for companies that help us to offer our clients new solutions to help them to survive. 


Sustainability banking: Companies that are involved in environmental and social impacts, solutions such as teaching financing platform, an investing platform in environmental activities, etc


Human resources: RRHH companies that helps companies to change the traditional culture, companies that help corporates to have a digital culture.


RegTech: Companies that help the group to improve in 4 pillars: Money Laundering, Solvency Assessments, Reportings to the supervisor & requirements and standards of security, cyber and payments. 


Opportunities for selected EIC-funded SMEs

  • Privileged access to a world-leading company with the potential to initiate strategic partnerships along with increased visibility and possible access to new markets;
  • Networking opportunities with relevant business counterparts based on your company profile;
  • Personalised online training on pitching techniques before the event;
  • Services related support before, during and after the event.



You can apply by clicking on the following link: https://entrypoint-smei.easme-web.eu/form/166  

After logging in with your EU-Login, please fill in the respective form.

In your application form, you should include the answer to the questions:

  • What is your business compliance with the event?
  • What are your expected specific synergies/outcomes for your potential business with the Corporation?


EIC Business Acceleration Services

This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC pilot Business Acceleration Services. Read our report on EIC Corporate Days and watch our EIC Corporate Day video to learn more about what we do and how we do it. To explore other opportunities to connect with the largest corporates in Europe, keep an eye on our events page. For additional information, please refer to our helpdesk: https://community-smei.easme-web.eu/contact (please choose “CaixaBank - Corporate Days” as the subject).



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