The European Innovation Council Business Acceleration Services and LafargeHolcim invite you to apply to our joint EIC Corporate Day, taking place on 27 and 28 January 2021, a specially designed service to accelerate your business collaborating with the world’s global leader in building solutions.


LafargeHolcim is reinventing how the world builds to make it greener, smarter and healthier for all. On its way to becoming a net zero company, LafargeHolcim offers global solutions such as ECOPact, enabling carbon-neutral construction. With its circular business model, the company is a global leader in recycling waste as a source of energy and raw materials through products like Susteno, its leading circular cement. Innovation and digitalization are at the core of the company’s strategy, with more than half of its R&D projects dedicated to greener solutions. LafargeHolcim’s 70,000 employees are committed to improving quality of life across more than 70 markets through its four business segments: Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, Aggregates and Solutions & Products.


LafargeHolcim, believes that innovation is emerging through the collaboration of a network of actors, outside any single organization.  Embracing this spirit of open innovation, connecting people and organizations from inside and outside LafargeHolcim to find new solutions and ways of working is the way forward 


For  EIC-beneficiaries selected to attend the EIC Corporate Day with LafargeHolcim on 27-28 January 2021, they will have access to specific training, pitching, pre-arranged meetings with top decision-makers from LafargeHolcim and the possibility to network with high-level partners and like-minded innovators in a dedicated online event.


Applications are open until 22 November 2020.


Who can apply?

LafargeHolcim has seven teams looking for EIC funded SMEs working on innovative and disruptive approaches for:


Plants of Tomorrow puts Industry 4.0 into practice

Team CE-M (Cement Manufacturing) is looking for: Building a more efficient future in cement manufacturing

1.Net zero pledge: Measure, track and develop solutions on our way to becoming a net zero company. Decarbonation of cement manufacturing process (e.g. by post-combustion Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) or during clinker manufacture by Oxyfuel for easier CC).  Reduce carbon footprint of clinker, cement and concrete by use of alternative raw materials, industrial by-products, low carbon cements or carbonation of fresh, built and recycled concrete and other by-products. 

2. Predictive operations that can detect abnormal conditions and process anomalies in real-time, reducing maintenance and energy costs and optimize training opportunities.

3. Automation and robotics, such as unmanned vehicles and equipment for high-exposure surveillance will increase safety for employees by inspecting confined spaces.


Striving for a zero waste future by closing resource cycles

Team GEO (Geocycle) is looking for:

4. Treatments for the beneficiation of industrial and municipal mineral wastes to make them usable as raw materials for the production of Portland clinker

For Construction Demolition Waste, technologies to:

  • Remove non-magnetic metal pieces, asbestos, plaster, plastics
  • Separate CaO rich elements from SiO2 rich elements in the fines of Construction and Demolition wastes 
  • Remove organics, bottom ashes and ashes in general

In general technologies to remove heavy metals, and in particular chromium, from steel slags, red muds, bottom ashes and ashes in general


Reinventing how the world builds for people and the planet.

Team RMX (Ready-mix-Concrete) is looking for:

5. Concrete 2.0

Enhance the properties of cement-based materials beyond the core value of structural integrity

6. Construction waste

Avoid, minimize, reuse and recycle waste along our value chain. Including:

  • Solutions for quality assessment and classification of construction & demolition waste
  • Alternatives to tackle the scarcity of natural resources in construction

7. Monitor performance

Monitor concrete performance characteristics at construction sites

Sensors to measure temperature, humidity, pH, structural resilience, durability


Team LOG (Logistic) is looking for:

8. Sustainable transportation for Construction Materials

Solutions for transporting bulk construction materials with reduced emissions


Team SOP (Solutions & Products) is looking for:

9. Modular construction for the building segment

Innovative solutions in the area of modular construction for the building segment, providing benefits in terms of productivity and driving the industrialization of construction. This includes benefits for improved quality, better functionalities, lower environmental footprint:

  • Innovative design and design tools for modular construction systems
  • Innovative materials / composites for modular construction
  • Innovative technologies for off-site production
  • Innovative technologies for on-site assembly


Team AGG (Aggregates) is looking for:

10. Continue Optimizing our Aggregates Value Chain

  • Solutions for traceability of excavated soils and non-recyclable waste into inert backfill sites
  • Solutions for cost-effective aggregates plant automation to support cost reduction, better quality control and increased productivity 
  • Innovative solutions to monitor and control inventories along the aggregates value chain (from quarry pit to finished products) to timely respond to production and sales imbalances
  • Digital solutions that support increasing efficiency in aggregates distribution (e.g. fast and efficient order fulfilment, minimize empty trips, flatten shipment curves)


Team CEM (Cement) is looking for:

11. Cement - Challenging the paradox: delivering high performance and low carbon-footprint with the binders of tomorrow

Looking beyond the “green-is-less-performing” mind-set. Differentiate by bringing the next generation of mineral binders delivering high added-value and low carbon footprint to the construction industry. Offer customer-specific performance and differentiated functionalities: mechanical performance, ease of use, workability, durability, finishing, while delivering high environmental performance. 


Opportunities for selected EIC-funded SMEs

  • Privileged access to one of the world’s leading companies with the potential to initiate strategic partnerships along with increased visibility and possible access to new markets;
  • Networking opportunities with relevant business counterparts based on your company profile;
  • Personalised online training on pitching techniques and LafargeHolcim specifications before the event; 
  • Services related to support before, during and after the event.



You can apply by clicking on the following link: LINK

After logging in with your EU-Login, please fill in the respective form.

In your application form, you should include the answer to the questions:

  • What is your business compliance with the event?
  • What are your expected specific synergies/outcomes for your potential business with the Corporation?

Please acknowledge the information you provide on the application form will be shared with LafargeHolcim to maximise potential benefits and ensure the effectiveness of meetings. LafargeHolcim based on its business interests, will select the final participants among the applicants.
The Business Acceleration Services will contact all applicants once the selection process has been concluded. However, this contact does not include feedback or recommendations to those not selected.


Additional information

EIC Business Acceleration Services

This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC pilot Business Acceleration Services. Read our report on EIC Corporate Days and watch our EIC Corporate Day video to learn more about what we do and how we do it. To explore other opportunities to connect with the largest corporates in Europe, keep an eye on our events page

All participants are expected to fill out a brief satisfaction survey shortly after the event and a business impact survey after six months. Failure to do so may lead to exclusion from future Business Acceleration Services.


Cancellation policy

Cancellations will only be considered in duly documented cases of “force majeure”. Unjustified cancellation can lead to exclusion in future Business Acceleration Services events. For additional information, please refer to our helpdesk: https://community-smei.easme-web.eu/contact (please choose “LafargeHolcim - Corporate Days” as the subject).



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