The European Innovation Council Business Acceleration Services and Commerzbank Group invite you to participate in our brand-new Corporate Pathfinder-initiative. This is a great opportunity for Pathfinder-beneficiaries to enhance your cooperation with large corporates. 


                      Applications are open until 21 September 2020.


What is the EIC Corporate-Pathfinder Cooperation?

Innovators that are still in the earlier stages of development can face difficulties in finding the right support to develop their research/project and make it attractive for the market. Having a close connection to relevant industries can provide them with new insights and valuable expertise. With our EIC Corporate Pathfinder Cooperation-programme we are bringing together Pathfinder-beneficiaries with three large European corporates. Together they will work on further (co)-developing their respective technologies, as well as validating them on an industrial level. 
Pathfinder-projects with innovative solutions to the challenges posed by Commerzbank Group are encouraged to apply (more info below).


Selection procedure

This initiative is only open to EIC Pathfinder-beneficiaries. Commerzbank Group will dedicate a team of experts to select the projects they would like to collaborate with, based on the challenges posed below.

In September 2020, the pre-selected projects will meet online with corporate decision makers in dedicated events (each corporate will host a separate event) to present their solutions and establish one-to-one business discussions.  

After this initial meeting, each corporate will take a final decision regarding the Pathfinder-beneficiaries with whom they will pilot collaboration.

Successful joint projects will be invited to showcase their solution in a dedicated event in Frankfurt, Germany (tbd).


Commerzbank Group Challenges

Commerzbank Group is looking for looking for Pathfinder-beneficiaries working on innovative solutions for the following challenges:


Challenge I by comdirect: Explainable AI

Design approaches to be able to explain the results of machine learning algorithms.

Find more information here


Challenge II by comdirect: AI Fraud Detection

Part 1: Development of approaches for handling highly imbalanced and non-stationary data to determine true probabilities in binary classification problems.

Part 2: Development of an online learning procedure for tree-based classification algorithms, which simultaneously performs a model update based on new incoming data.

Find more information here


Challenge III by comdirect: Decentralized Data Analysis

Development of decentralized algorithms that can analyze customer behavior in real-time and derive the appropriate recommendation.

Find more information here


Challenge IV by comdirect: AI Transfer Learning

Design procedures to refine existing AI models to domain-specific data sets using the smallest possible amount of annotated training data.

Find more information here


Challenge V by Commerzbank and comdirect: Disrupt Industry Borders

Borders between finance and other industries are fading. Use our APIs to create beyond banking solutions that have a cross-industry character. Combine existing possibilities of our APIs with new technologies such as AI, Blockchain, etc. to help us create new revenue streams and offer seamless customer journeys.

Find more information here


Challenge VI by Main Incubator: Additive Manufacturing / Physical Robotic

Build financial services seamlessly into business models based on Additive Manufacturing or Physical Robotic - or even combine them all!

Find more information here


Opportunities for selected EIC-funded projects

  • The chance to meet in an online environment with top corporate representatives;
  • Co-developing and validating your technology with top corporate players;
  • Personalised online training on pitching techniques and Commerzbank Group specifications before the event;
  • Services related to support before, during and after the event.



This application is open to all Pathfinder-beneficiaries.

You can apply by clicking on the following link: https://entrypoint-smei.easme-web.eu/form/153 

After logging in with your EU-Login, please fill in the respective form.

In your application form, you should answer all questions and explain how you will approach this challenge and why your company has the most innovative solution. Please acknowledge the information you provide on the application form will be shared with  Commerzbank Group to maximise potential benefits and ensure the effectiveness of this challenge. The Business Acceleration Services will contact all applicants once the selection process has been concluded. However, this contact does not include feedback or recommendations to those not selected.


This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC  Business Acceleration Services. Read our report on EIC Corporate Days to learn more about what we do and how we do it and check the EIC Community regularly. To explore other opportunities to connect with the largest corporates in Europe, keep an eye on our events page. Should you have any questions regarding the event, please refer to our helpdesk: https://community-smei.easme-web.eu/contact (please choose “EIC Corporate Pathfinder" as the subject).



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