The European Innovation Council is organising to a special ePitching session with Procurers on 30 April 2020. This session will be dedicated to connecting public and private procurers from the health sector with EIC-funded companies providing medical supply solutions and innovative biotechnologies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Apply here before 19 April 2020 17.00 (CET).


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the EIC Business Acceleration Services is organising its first Procurers ePitching session on 30 April 2020. Over 20 different public and private procurers, hailing from 14 EU Member States and several non-EU countries, will participate in this session (more on the procurers in the detailed invitation here).


How will the day look?

A selected number of procurers will present their most pressing needs and issues they are facing. Selected EIC-backed SMEs will then get the chance to pitch their innovations and solutions in two dedicated ePitching sessions on Medical devices, supply chain and logistics management and Biotechnology / Health - Drugs, antimicrobials. Afterwards there is a dedicated timeslot for one-on-one discussion. The agenda (subject to change) can be consulted here.


Who can apply?

All EIC-backed SMEs working on innovative solutions and/or that answer the following pressing medium-term needs:

1. Medical devices, supply chain and logistics management: EIC companies with medical devices to help the COVID19 outbreak including, but not limited to:

  • ventilation consumables and devices;
  • personal protection equipment;
  • test kits;
  • other medical equipment etc. for adequate treatment of Covid-19;
  • development of remote visits, care and treatment, as well as distribution of devices, drugs and facilities to homecare patients;
  • increase technical capabilities of care providers and staff skills for self-supply by 3D printing, AI and other SMART solutions in special pandemic and/or emergency cases such as COVID-19.


2. Biotechnology / Health - Drugs, antimicrobials: EIC Beneficiaries explore new antimicrobials and drugs to tackle new virus including, but not limited to:

  • Antibacterial gel;
  • (Hydro) Chloroquine;
  • Antiretroviral drugs;
  • Lopinavir/ritonavir;
  • Azithromycin;
  • hospital related infection, rare diseases and new pandemics.


The EIC-funded companies will be selected on the basis of procurers' needs for innovative solutions and materials facing COVID-19.


This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC pilot Business Acceleration services. To explore other opportunities, keep an eye on our events page.
Should you have any questions regarding the event or your eligibility, please contact us through our contact page (please choose “EIC ePitching to procurers on COVID-19” as the subject). 



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