The European Innovation Council, in partnership with The DO School, is organising different insightful  sessions to help you level up your skills and emerge stronger from the crisis. On 7 August, the EIC Summer School will offer the workshop “From Crisis to Opportunity” to provide a roadmap for crisis response. During this session, participants will assess the crisis readiness of their businesses and hear from an expert on other ventures’ experiences. Would you like to join us in our session? Mark your calendars and don’t miss this call! 


Secure your place now: apply here, limited places!

 7 August 2020 (9h00 CEST)


The DO School will facilitate this interactive workshop. Even though each training is a standalone session with its own registration, we encourage you to follow at least the last 3 as a series. We guarantee a good learning experience by limiting the sessions to a maximum of 25 participants. 


  • During this session, you will assess the crisis readiness of your business and develop a roadmap of crisis response actions.
  • You will use frameworks to improve your venture’s crisis readiness and to help it become a more evolutionary (adaptive, less bureaucratic, innovative) business;
  • You will hear from an expert and learn from other ventures’ experiences with crisis, lean and adaptive management to thrive in good, bad and ‘normal’ times;
  • You will engage with inspirational online content (i.e. readings and videos);
  • You will plan next steps for becoming more crisis and everyday ready in your business;
  • You will receive feedback on challenges and support with best practices from peers.


The event has limited capacity and registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

*Apply today* and don’t miss this opportunity!


Meet the trainers: 

Scott Goldner

Scott has experience building, developing and leading organizations, learning institutions, and programs at various phases of development – conceptual, start-up, local scaling, national scaling, international scaling and improvement/turnaround.  Developing people and teams has always been at the heart of the programs that Scott has helped to design and has been a key part of his work with his own team responsible for delivering these programs.  Additionally, Scott has always enjoyed coaching other leaders to find both impact and balance in their lives and work.  After his previous role as interim-CEO / Chief Educational Program Officer at Kiron Open Higher Education, Scott realized that what he wants to do most is to help others to do more purposeful, impactful work.


Angelique Hinz

Angelique is an innovation strategist and marketing professional with international experience across various industries. After finishing her master’s in Applied Media and Cultural Studies in Germany, Angelique moved to New York City starting her career in product development and global/local brand marketing in the CPG industry. As an innovation strategist she brought experimental change, strategy and invention to Fortune 500 companies. Angelique thrives in vibrating and bustling cities – she joined The DO School Berlin in 2019 after having lived in Istanbul and New York City.


This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC Business Acceleration Services. Should you have any questions regarding the event, please refer to our helpdesk: https://community-smei.easme-web.eu/contact (please choose “EIC Summer School” as the subject).  



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