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To upload a Photo to the Media section of a Group, you must first become a member (more on joining a Group).

Access the Media section and select the button to Add a New Photo:

Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk (*)

You will need to add a Title and Body. Titles are also used to create the URL path of the page, the shorter the better! The body is pretty much a blank page: you can add and format text, insert images, embed media or create tables.

When you upload a new Photo, two fields will appear to indicate the image's Alternative text and Title. The alternative text is displayed when images cannot be loaded or used both by search engines and screen readers. The Title can be used to add further information about the image, such as author credits.

What happens next?

Once your Photo is published, it will feature in your Group's Latest Activity, as well as on the EIC Community Homepage.

Unlike other content types, items uploaded to the media section do not generate notifications.


Frequently Asked Questions


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