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WIKI pages are pretty much blank pages that can be used in a variety of ways. You can add up to 5 levels of depth: a main page and up to 4 sub-pages, making it easy to separate information into dedicated sections.

They can be created in Groups and are by default restricted to owners and administrators. You can keep the default settings or decide to give editorial rights to all Group members for specific pages.

If you have not yet drafted any Wiki pages, you will need to create at least the first page before more options appear.

Access your environment's Wiki section and select the button to Add a new wiki page:

If at least one page has already been created, you will see the links to add pages in the left menu, as shown below:

By adding a page on the same level, you will create a page with an identical hierarchy as the one you are currenty viewing. By adding a child page, you will add a page one level below the page you are currently viewing. You can always rearrange the order of pages later.

Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk (*)

You will need to add a Title and Body. Titles are also used to create the URL path of the page, the shorter the better! The body is pretty much a blank page: you can add and format text, insert images, embed media or create tables.

Tagging is important to help others find your content. You can select up to 3 Topics, with unlimited sub-topics, select a date, language, as well as Regions and Countries (more on tagging).

You can also upload a document.



Once you've saved your work, the published version will offer a menu on the sidebar. 

The sidebar contains the entire Wiki structure with links to each page, links to create new pages, proposed actions and Metadata (tagging) information. If a viewer woiuld like to concentrate on text alone, he/she can hide the sidebar for a wider view, shown below.

As with the view above, each page will also show navigation links to the previous and next pages; the link in the middle will direct the user one level up.


Frequently Asked Questions


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