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Would you like to launch your own Community of Practice?

We recommend you first check to see if there is not an already existing Group that deals with your topic or region. Duplicating environments means you are also segmenting audiences, which can limit the potential of knowledge sharing.

To create a Group, access the Groups section and click the 'Create a Group' button, located just above the search box.

You will be directed to the creation form where you will be asked to complete at least all fields marked with an asterisk (*)

Group name: we recommend something short and simple. The name of a group will automatically be translated into a path for your Group's URL (to select a shorter path, click Edit).

Group Access: determine who can view your Group and its contents.Select one of the 3 Access levels:

  • Public visible and accessible by anyone browsing the site
  • Restricted only visible and accessible by members recognized as belonging to specified organisation(s) or e-mail domain(s)*
  • Private exclusively restricted to its members.


Privacy Settings: Only Public and Restricted Groups will display moderation settings. Select Open to allow members to join your group without your approval. Select Moderated if you would like members to request membership approval before joining your group.


Description: Add a description to explain what your Group is about. The description will appear on your Group's Home, as well as in the Groups section page and on search results.


Group Tagging: Select no more than 3 Topics (and unlimited sub-topics) and up to 3 Regions (and unlimited countries) to define your Group's main focus.


Group Banner: Upload a banner image (min. size: 940 x 300 pixels | max size: 2 MB) that will be displayed on your Group's Home. Whenever adding an image, we recommend you add an alternative text and title for accessibility purposes.


Group Thumbnail: add a thumbnail image (min size: 60 x 60 pixels | max size: 512 KB) that will be displayed on all list views (related Groups), as well as the Groups section page and on search results.


Message to site administrator: Once your Group is requested, it will be revised by one of the EIC Community administrators for approval. Please indicate the purpose of your group, you objectives, and anything that can help site administrators with the approval process. 


Group welcome message: add a personalised message that will appear in the notification sent to all new group members.


When you're ready, press the Request button - you will be redirected to the EIC Community homepage with a confirmation message to let you know your Group is pending approval. Your Group is now saved under the Requested status (more on Group statuses). 


What happens next?

You will receive a notification to confirm the creation of your Group. As soon as your Group has been reviewed by one of the site administrators, you will receive a notification to inform you of their decision.