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Every Group offers the possibility for its members to invite others to join - but not every moderation or privacy setting will allow Group members to use this function.

Group Members can invite others to join a public open Group or a open restricted Group. While all moderated Groups, as well as private ones limit this function to the Group's administrators and owner.


To invite another person, select the invite link on the Group's Home, as shown below:

Here you can enter the e-mail addresse(s) of the person(s) you wish to invite, an e-mail subject and an additional message. The invitation is based on a template and will include some pre-filled data around your message - preview below. It should be noted that by inviting or contacting other users, your e-mail will be disclosed in the message.

Once you're ready, select the invite user(s) button to send your message. A confirmation will appear.


What happens next?

An e-mail will be sent to the invitee(s) with some pre-filled information.

If the invitee is already a member of the platform, he/she will be directed to the home of the group as a member. If the person invited is not yet a member of the EIC Community, they will be directed to the registration page - once their account has been validated, they will become a member of the group.

* By inviting another person, you are disclosing your own e-mail in the sender information of the notification.


Frequently Asked Questions


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