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Joining a Group

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Groups can be open to anyone ("join this group") or moderated ("request membership"). 

Simply go to the Group's homepage and select the rectangle box (shown below) to become a member.


Open Group

If the box displays "Join this Group", it means this group is open. Simply press Join the Group.

Great! You're now a member of this group! An e-mail notification to confirm your membership is sent to your registered e-mail.


Moderated Group

If the box displays "Request Membership for this group", it means this group is moderated. Simply press the button.

Your membership will need to be approved by one of the Group Administrators. As soon as your membership is validated, you will receive an e-mail notification.


Whenever you become member of a Group, you are automatically subscribed to notification e-mails for activity within this group. (more on notifications)


Frequently Asked Questions


[+] I found a Group I would like to join, but I cannot see a request membership or join button. Why?