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Want to stay up to date with the latest on the EIC Community?

Notifications are a great way to keep informed and remind you of what's going on.


By becoming a Member of a Group, you are automatically subscribed to notifications. The frequency of these messages depends on the level of activity within that Group, and can be managed by each contributing author/editor.  How do they work?


New/Updated Content: Notifications are sent on an immediate basis - and can always be enabled/disabled by the author/editor at the end of each form. Contents that trigger notifications include: Wiki pages, Documents, Discussions (Groups), News (Projects/Programmes) and Events. By default, the checkbox to send a notification is checked for all newly created content; while any edits will display the box uncheked.

Comments: by posting a comment, a notification is sent to the author(s)/editor(s) of that content, as well as any other member who has already commented on that same page.

Recommendations: Whenever content you've created or edited is recommended, you will receive a notification that indicates the total number of recommendations for that content.