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Sometimes you might want to share knowledge with more than one audience, especially when dealing with horizontal issues. You can easily share content from one Group to another. The smart sharing functionality allows you to share care free while it respects the privacy and access of the original content. Keeping one single version will also ensure that all views, recommendations, and comments are stored in one single place, making it easier to manage.

To share content from one Group to another, you have to be Member of both these Groups.

You will find the sharing function under Do more through EIC Community as shown below:

Once clicked, you will be directed to a page where you can select the group or project to share to, and add a message before sharing.

In the example above, we are sharing a wiki page from a group to another group. After pressing the Share button, you will be directed back to the original discussion. Shared contents will display a list of environments where they are shared to.

When content is shared from one Group to another, a message with a link to the source content will appear in the Group's latest activity.

Similarly, both the EIC Community home page and tagged topic page will display this activity - but only to members that can view and access both Environments. 

These messages will only be displayed for members that are able to view and access the original content. In the example above, this means that only members of the public group that can also access the restricted group will be able to view this shared activity.


Frequently Asked Questions

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