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Members that are signed-in to the EIC Community will see a user bar displayed at the top of the page. This bar contains a drop down menu to access your profile and content, as well as a quick access to Groups, Organisations and Events.


My Account

Your account displays your avatar image and your full name. Clicking this menu will expand it with the following options:

You can easily navigate to view your profile page, edit your profile, display My Content (a list of all the contents you have posted, including comments and draft items), and Log out.


My Groups

My Groups provides a quick access to the groups you own, manage, or are a member of. Clicking this menu will display up to 3 groups - if additional groups are available, a link to explore all your groups will be shown:

The order of these groups is first based on your membership type (Groups you own, followed by those you administer, and those where you are a Member of), then based on an alphabetical order. Clicking the title of the Group will lead you to the Group's Homepage. Clicking on Explore all my groups will direct you to the full list of all the Groups you belong to.


My Organisations

My Organisations provides a quick access to the Organisation you own or manage.


My Event Sites

My Event Sites provides a quick access to the Event Sites you own or manage.