Have you recently received a grant from the EIC Accelerator Programme? Would you like to discover more in-depth the European Innovation Council family and the Business Acceleration Services? On 29-30 September, the EIC Accelerator Unit will organise the second Virtual EIC Accelerator Coordinators’ Day of the year, meeting the recently awarded projects. It will be an excellent opportunity for EIC beneficiaries that signed a grant in the last two calls to get familiar with the project management procedures, and to network with other European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator-funded SMEs. Don't miss our call and register here!


Registrations are open until 23 September 2020 through the following link. Each company will be able to register 2 participants to participate in the event.


From a session focused on Community events, to an introduction of the activities with large corporates, the online event will provide the “full picture” of the European Innovation Council programme. CEOs and/or coordinators from the recently awarded EIC Accelerator projects will have the chance to exchange and learn more about Project Management under the updated EIC Pilot. Besides, they will have the unique opportunity to virtually meet their responsible Project Officer and other relevant staff from the EIC Accelerator Team and discuss the development of their SMEs. During this online event, the participants will also discover the EIC Fund/EIB services and colleagues and receive more details about the new feature of the EIC Pilot, that now offers optional equity investment in addition to a grant.


On 29 September, during the plenary session, beneficiaries will have the opportunity to:

  • network with other beneficiaries of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator programme;
  • learn more about the European Innovation Council ( EIC) Community;
  • develop their project management knowledge;
  • better understand their reporting and other legal and financial obligations linked to their project;  


On 30 September, they will have the chance to e-meet their Project Officer and Financial Officer either via informal 1:1 meetings or via Progress meetings, as indicated in their contract.


If you’re a recently awarded EIC Accelerator Project and you would like to join the Virtual EIC Accelerator Coordinators’ Day, don’t miss this call and register here


If you have any question or you need further support regarding this event, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the contact form: https://community-smei.easme-web.eu/contact (please choose “Virtual EIC Accelerator Coordinators’ Day” as the subject).

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